Resume Photoshoot

Studio quality, at student price.

S$250 S$35

12 – 4pm

27 Sep (Tues)

29 Sep (Thurs)

Usual Location: Career Connect, Block B Level 1

Google map:

Resume photos for graduates.

Get a head start in your career, our professional studio quality photos can increase your chances of getting the interview with a good, first impression.

Graduates were satisfied with our service
years helping graduates since 2011

Bulk priced Package

Studio quality photos with discounted price.

Resume pose (base)
U.P.: $250)

Student $35
Staff $50
Public $100

Complimentary loan of blazers and ties (wear your own inner shirt/dress)

Corporate pose

1 High resolution soft copy

sent to email within 2 working weeks

Addon 8 Passport size hard copies ea, including mail fee ($10)

4R template design soft copy

Passport pose (optional)
(U.P.: $80)

Student $10
Staff $20
Public $25

2nd (neutral expression) passport at only $5

Digital Makeup (optional)
(U.P.: $50/photo)


Both high resolution softcopy (before and after edits) sent to email within 2 working weeks

2 x 4R template design (after edits) soft copy (for future self print)

Why add on with Passport Pose?

Resume shot – Your best angle, for LinkedIn as well

Passport shot (studio quality)soft copy which you can’t get from machines/neighbourhood shops for the same price. For security related applications (not only for passport, will be used for security pass, bank stuff, credit cards etc). Will need the soft copy in future.

Full Money back guarantee program: If you can take a better/clearer photo anywhere else in Singapore for a cheaper price, let us know 🙂

New Singapore photo guideline 2020 (neutral expression): 

If the days and slots are full, and you want to be informed of future shoot dates (through whatsapp) by clicking/scanning link below:

Updates in SIM/SUSS:

To confirm your slot, we will need a deposit of $10 by Paynow to
UEN (press and hold to copy number, paste into paynow app): 53220264C (HM STUDIO)
Or scan the code below.


Send your payment screenshot though whatsapp to Bosco (+65) 8133 1255 or by clicking link

If you want us to help with resume posture customised to your dream profession, do the 8 min MBTI test (click here!).
Bracket your 4 letter code after your name. Eg: Bosco Lim (INFJ)

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The Experiences

Professionalism at its best.

A resume shoot with Bosco is not just about you standing in a designated position feeling awkward, while the photographer robotically snaps away.

With Bosco, he lightens up the atmosphere with his warm persona and the professional way in which he advices you on the best angle to tilt, the degree of your smile, the positioning of your hands, right down to whether the volume of your hair appears equal on both sides of the face.

Bosco is skillful in his work, and I’ll definitely recommend him to anyone who is keen on having their resume shoot taken at a good quality, yet affordable price.

Melissa Yuen, NTU/ HSS

Makes me feel relax in front of the camera.

The service was very good and Bosco was very knowledgeable and passionate about his work. He makes me feel at ease during the shoot.

Initially I was quite skeptical that Bosco can finish the photoshoot within the timing indicated in the booking system, but he was super efficient and the shoot was completed very fast.

This was done without compromising quality. I am absolutely satisfied with the picture and I would definitely recommend him to all my other friends!

Ze Wei, NTU Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering

Key features


Photoshoot done in 10 minutes.


Soft copy in email, hard copy collectable at the same place, from next shoot date onwards.

Studio Quality

yet at a student price (lowering cost with bulk). Sharpness of prints and softcopy at full res are higher than any other studios. Shot somewhere better afterwards and not satisfied with ours?
We give a 100% money back guarantee.

Digital Makeup

With our advanced digital makeup technology, you can now look neater and refreshed instantly — saving you money on hiring a makeup artist or the hassle of putting on any makeup.

S$50 S$25/photo

  • Skin tone correction

  • Tidy up hair

  • Reduce eye bags and oil shine

  • Reduce blemishes, real looking

  • Change hair colour (S$10 more)

  • Teeth whitening (S$10 more)

We can only cater to a maximum of 30 slots per day.

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