Live Wedding Photography

On your wedding day, all gorgeous photos captured by our Certified Professional Photographer will be shared instantly with your family and friends, turning your wedding into an engaging, interpersonal experience.

Our advanced live photography technology and techniques document your wedding moments in the best quality, so you can share and relive the emotions that happened on that day, with our lifetime backup. Memories will never be lost again.

Live photo sharing on your wedding day.
Fast, easy, and hassle-free.

Express emotions with words — digitally.
Personal, fun, and interactive.

Live gorgeous photo projection.
Engaging experience.

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Your live wedding album.

On your wedding day, your family and friends can simply use their own devices to view and even download all photos instantly, captured in the best quality possible by our Certified professional photographer.

All your photos are captured and stored in one place. We offer LIFETIME on the cloud photo storage, and safely backed up, so those precious moments will be available to you in FULL original resolutions — forever.


Your love story projector.

The moment our professional photographer begins taking photos, your guests can immediately view the photos ‘live’ via the big screens. Your guests are thus assured of an engaging experience. Photo editing will also be done after your event for even better quality photos to preserve those moments you hold dear.


The wedding messenger.

There’s now a fun and interactive experience for your loved ones to leave their heartfelt wishes and messages — digitally. Combining both our Digibook and Live Projection technology, your photos and messages can be beautifully presented via the big screen.

Your once in a lifetime moments.

Documented in the best quality by
our Hearted Moments Photographer,
Certified Professional Photographer, PPA.

I am certified

The experience.

“My guests told me they love the instant feel. So easy to use and they can upload photos on social media immediately!”

Catherine Tan

“Almost like a digital Photo Booth! It was extremely user-friendly and easy to navigate, which adds on to a great user experience!”

Soh Wan Ting

“Professional and passionate! Bosco’s friendly nature rubbed off on myself and my relatives. Making a huge wedding success!”

Nick Wong

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Hearted Moments is Certified Professional Photographer (CPP).
The Certified Professional Photographer (CPP) program from Professional Photographers of America (PPA) — the world’s largest non-profit association for professional photographers — assures you of a photographer’s knowledge, experience and continuance to develop new skills and techniques. It is a declaration of our professional competence.

What can you expect from Hearted Moments?
Consistency: Quality photos under any circumstances ・ Technical skills: Combine different elements to fit your style
Unique artistry: Not cookie-cutter photos ・ Professionalism: Deliver beyond expectations ・ Mood: Candid and fun