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I had an amazing experience during my shoot. The photographer was able to make us feel comfortable and he was able to lead the shoot very well. He shows passion for what he does. And because of his passion, the photos he took for us were very heart felt! Great experience!!
Ang Shirgin
Finally! A photo studio that helps you with your ideal passport photo (or photos for any ID cards). No longer would you need to feel embarrass about your NRIC or passport because of the awkward “mugshot” you took in a booth or elsewhere. Jiahe’s services make you look just the way you want in your ID cards which you will carry for half your life, if not all (especially your NRIC). Highly recommended!
Darius Xu
Jiahe is definitely very professional. The image presented in the photo was very natural and sincere with just the right amount of lighting. Personally I’ve got the best passport photo/ resume photo ever taken.
Liang Jingyi
Very professional photo shooting and makes people feel at ease and comfortable.
Tham Weng Leon
Xiao Jianfang
Jiahe is very professional in the art of photography. He is very good in making us feel at ease in front of the camera, such that the images captured are most natural. High quality service offer at affordable rate. Recommend for people who are after good lobangs!
Xiao Li Hong
Very efficient!
Wong Yee Ling
Bosco is very professional and patient in explaining the postures and for us to choose our preferred picture. The photos taken were also of really good quality and the digital makeup was also done lightly and very naturally. Thumbs up!
Huang Xiao Ling
Jia He makes you feel at ease in front of the camera, and is a pleasure to work with. For the first time in years, I have a passport photo I’m happy with!
Wan Yan Ling
Bosco is very pro and dedicated in his work. He makes you feel at ease and will strive to create the best shots for you. I would recommend him to anyone who is interested to shoot for professional or any family shots!
Jack Lin
Jiahe (Hearted Moment’s owner, founder and photographer), is very professional and clearly both qualified and experienced to help with most photoshoots. He is also warm and friendly, and intuitively understands what we were shooting for, and thus could help us with poses effectively.

If you want to do a studio shoot, you might as well make use of Hearted Moment’s; it is small, but definitely still very professional in terms of equipment, with an added bonus of allowing us (the customers) to view each photo once it has been taken almost immediately. Seeing the result is not just fun to see, but also allows the photographer to make quick and subtle adjustments to our posture, positioning and other nuances of a photograph to greater effect. On a whole, DEFINITELY RECOMMENDED.

Amanda Kwok
Jiahe is a very dedicated photographer who takes note of all the nitty gritty details such as messy hair or attire. He has many years of experience and is able to offer a lot of variety of poses and candid shots! It’s a great pleasure working with him. Keep it up!
Karyn Aw
Jiahe gives great guidance for the poses and really made us feel at ease! The quality of the shots turned out to be very professional and it really made us look much better, beyond our imagination. Rest assured that your best moments are in good hands with hearted moments!
Jin Hsien
Had a fun and exciting time with my family while going through the photoshoot. Photographer was extremely helpful and offers fabulous tips on looking good on photos and gave us alot of suggestions on the poses. Never thought that i could feel so relaxed in front of the camera during the guided shoot!!
Kelvin Leong
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