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I engaged Jiahe for my wedding recently. As I wanted to have something special for my guests, Jiahe recommended me a techie package.The techie package means as and when Jiahe is capturing the photos, the photos will be downloaded to the system, my guests can INSTANTLY see the photos on the projector and also INSTANTLY download into their phone from a private link and password.

My guests are telling me they really love the INSTANT feel, so easy to use and they can do the uploading straight in Facebook and Instagram. Most importantly, they don’t need to wait for too long to see the photos. This is a MUST to have package!

Catherine Tan
Great experience working with Jiahe! He’s able to capture people at their best smiling faces and gives suggestions for better poses. Furthermore, he also provides this instant live download service which my guests loved!

They are able to view the shots that were taken immediately from his website and download it immediately either to keep or to post on their own social media accounts. Almost like a digital Photo Booth! The website is extremely user friendly and easy to navigate, which adds on to a great user experience. Thank you and hope to work with you again!

Soh Wan Ting
Bosco understands what his clients want and deliver a sincere and hardworking piece of work. His high-tech services (immediate viewing of photos taken) are definitely a plus and rare in the industry these days – at least to me, it seems!
Gavin Chian
So impressed and amazed when we saw how the photographs taken were instantly projected onto the screen! This made us engaged when their photos are flashed out. Annnnd what’s more, the photos can actually be downloaded instantly via a private link!
Jiun Cpj
Just came back from a friend’s wedding that Jaihe was covering. He was very professional and passionate. What surprised me even more was the extra efforts that he put in for the couple. He had a photo service that allowed him to wirelessly transfer photos to his computer and have them screened!

Imagine seeing a photo of you and your friends at the table that was taken just a few minutes ago projected onto the screen. I have never seen that before and I think it was a very nice tough to make the day even more special. If there is any weddings that needs a photographer, he is the first person I will recommend.

William Paul Orchard

Professional photographer. Quality photos. Reliable services.

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